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At Mycoffee we are happy to bring to the irish market italian coffee from the artisan roasters of Caffe' Leonardo from Vinci, Tuscany and Caffe' Toscano from Livorno, Tuscany. We supply Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Eco-friendly ESE Paper Pods, Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules, Nespresso Compatible Capsules, Coffee Machines for domestic and commercial use. For any additional information feel free to contact us and we ll be happy to help you find the perfect cup of coffee.

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Ese Pods

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Caffe' Leonardo


Caffe' Toscano


Help us to save the planet using

ESE paper pods, they are fully compostable and fully recyclable and more economical than other capsules since are made of paper not plastic.

We offer a choice of 10 different blends of Caffe' Leonardo and Caffe' Toscano, individually wrapped in order to keep the freshness of the coffee.

Torrefazione Caffe' Leonardo is located in the beautiful historical setting of Vinci, Tuscany, the town were Leonardo da Vinci was born.

On the market since 1963; an small artisan company of coffee roasters  bound to ancient traditions.

The roasting system is completely handmade, Nothing is automated, everything depends on the experience and passion of the roaster.

Caffè Toscano began in Livorno, Tuscany in 1951, one of the first coffee roasting companies of Tuscany. Segni d’Arte is the exclusive line dedicated to coffee lovers that appreciate coffee of the finest quality. Arabica and Robusta coffees are selected from the best plantations of the world. This line is composed of high quality coffee blends that provide unique sensorial experiences.