Flexy +100 Free Capsules + Bolgheri Cup

Flexy +100 Free Capsules + Bolgheri Cup


Coffee Machine + 100 Segni D'Arte capsules + Bolgheri espresso cup and saucer.

SGL Flexy Coffee Machine, for Espresso Point capsules, a gem with a compact dimension of just 12cm in width suitable for different locations: offices, shops, homes, thanks to the large capacity water tank, adjustable tray for cups of different sizes, exhausted capsules space and its ease of use. 


Product Description:


-Capsule machine for EP coffee capsules

-Manual operation

-Power = 1050 W) Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 12 cm x 37.5 cm

-Machine of the prestigious signature Italian SGL ultra sompact design and small size

-Energy saving system, stand- by automatically after 15 minutes of operation 

 -19 bar pump, thermoblock  system and optimizer.

12 Months Warranty

SKU: 0033
  • Technical specifications

    Dimensions (l x h x p) >> 112 x 250 x 378 mm

    Weight 3.75 kg

    Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz

    Power consumption 1050 W

    Single circuit boiler

    Semiautomatic capsule ejection

    Water container capacity 0.8 l

    Used capsule container capacity 10 caps

    Drip tray capacity 0.5 liters